WordPress is a free cross-platform and open source software that is mainly used for blogging and content management. Many bloggers and web builders will agree that it is the best of its kind in existence. It has thousands of plugins and themes available. To enjoy using WordPress, it’s good to know WordPress in depth. There are several books to learn WordPress development. There are books for absolute newbies, for proficient bloggers and for advanced users as well.

Best Books for WordPress Newbies

WordPress all in one for dummies is meant for newbies who want to learn WordPress development and don’t have a technical background. The book provides a very good introduction to WordPress. It has all the basics and is completely updated for the latest WordPress release. To help a newbie learn WordPress development, it covers everything: Installation, administration, publishing your blogs, search engine optimization, social media, designing your blog and lots of other useful things. Because of lots of focused and detailed how-to guides, its the best in class for WordPress newbies.

Best Books for Proficient Bloggers

For those who are little familiar with WordPress, the book  WordPress 3 complete will help you in becoming an expert at WordPress development. You will learn to install WordPress, to properly configure it in detail, learn about themes, widgets and plugins. The eleven chapters in the book will build your foundation and will cover lots of stuff lik difference between self-hosted and the free WordPress account, creation of content and advanced post options, theme building and a lot about plugin development and usage. It also covers PHP errors that many newbies and intermediate bloggers might come across while using WordPress. This books is highly recommended as it covers all the angles and aspects of WordPress without overdoing or overbearing it.

Best Book for Expert WordPress Developers.

Professional WordPress: Design and Development  book is for budding developers who want to become an expert at WordPress development. The book is highly detailed and focused. It covers custom posts, taxonomies, metadata, plugin development, advertising and search engine optimization. 

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