Importance of SEO and Security Plugins in your WordPress Based Website

It’s no secret that having a secure and well optimized website is the key to a successful online business today. Optimization, when performed correctly, allows potential customers to easily locate the site. But, it will only be trusted if it’s secure. A good hosting server would normally be enough, but a completely secure site goes a long way in providing that extra reassurance. With a quality
SEO plugin, webmasters are able to plan their campaigns with ease and make demanded adjustments whenever it is deemed necessary. Security is arguably equally important as SEO in order to avoid intruders from disfiguring and/or changing content in your website. What would happen if people were trying to find your site and couldn’t locate it in search engine results? Or if potential visitors or customers were redirected to an obscure website with no relation to your business? It could more than likely ruin your company’s image and have a negative impact on sales revenue… your bottom line! It’s absolutely essential to implement mitigation plans in order to deal with these potential problems and situations should they arise. This is why it’s good practice to utilize respectable WordPress plugins. These help reduce risks! These plugins are very important to safeguard your website from the dangers of attack and keep track of your performance on Google and other search engines. This article will briefly walk you through an analysis of the importance of including both security and SEO plugins on your WordPress website.

Decrease the Chances of File and Database Injections
WordPress is an open source, dynamic platform which continues to improve and evolve over time. Some time ago, hackers had discovered a way to inject variables into the databases of most of the mainstream Content Management Systems (CMS). By just manipulating a few form variables, websites were compromised within seconds. The biggest hurdle was that this information was open to everyone, making businesses vulnerable to competition malice. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress developers have perpetually been building a more secure platform and improvements continue to be released periodically addressing issues as they arise. Security plugins were the only remedy to these problems in earlier times, but they helped a great deal in securing websites from potentially catastrophic intrusions. ‘Black Hatters’ are still busy trying to test the system for any weak links as are the ‘Grey Hatters’ who help plugin developers stay ahead of those dishonest individuals attempting to augment, or unlawfully gain administrative access to WordPress sites.

Hardening your WordPress Setup Against Vulnerabilities
Plugins (like Sucuri) help harden the system against intrusions and report vulnerabilities. This is  how an ideal security measure, or a system, is supposed to work. Having it packaged in a single plugin is great news for any WP website owner. The WordFence plugin goes a step further by recommending upgrades, for not only existing plugins, but also third-party system files. This plugin is always on the lookout for suspicious code so you are always aware of what’s happening inside system files.

Help Increase Site Ranking
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamental for any, and all, websites wanting to rank well in Google’s search results. The practice of site optimization is very tedious and complex work. This is especially true for those who don’t possess a fundamental understanding of coding. In WordPress , this has been simplified owing to the numerous SEO plugins available. All you have to do is make a decision on the most ideal plugin you’d like to include in your website, customize the settings to  fit your optimization plan and then wait to see the results. These plugins have been changing with every modification that Google makes to their ranking algorithm and it helps small website owners compete with the big businesses who employ an SEO expert for guidance and support.

Help One Change with the Dynamics of SEO Algorithms
From 2012, Google has changed the way webmasters optimize their sites. Algorithmic updates have become more complex and tougher for those who had been taking shortcuts to “climb the ranks” of listings. Many websites which don’t follow the general rules (commit violations) have been blacklisted, and others have moved down in ranking when the matrices change. One way to keep your property safe, is by using WordPress plugins which change with every update that Google makes.

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