Freemium theme documentation (Pro Version)


Read Theme Documentation Carefully

Before you get started, please be sure to always check out this documentation. We outline all kinds of good information, and provide you with all the details you need know to use this theme.
If you have already purchased the theme make sure you active the theme license first.
Follow below steps to activate theme license.

Theme License Activation

After installing the theme the first step to take will be activating the theme license. Enter the license key and you’ll get access to theme support.

Follow the below instruction to activate the theme license.

Step 1 – Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme License.












Step 2 – Now, you need to enter the license key and click on Activate License. (see screenshots below)


Step 3 – The final step is to click on Save Changes.

Import Dummy Data

Once you have Activated your theme license, to import dummy data as per the seen demo. Please follow below steps.
Note: You’ll only see this option, once the theme is activated.

Step 1 – Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > (theme name)Demo Setup.

Step 2 – Click on Import Demo Data and it’ll be imported after few minutes.

Basic settings of Freemium Pro theme

From here you can make basic changes to your website like selecting a theme color, uploading a logo and favicon.
basic setting freemium Pro

Once you choose theme color you can look at it in front end.
freemium pro front

After setting up logo in backend you can look at logo in frontend.
freemium pro logo

Social media settings of Freemium Pro theme

In this part you can add links of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Users can check your social media profiles by clicking on these icons.

socail settings freemium pro

After defining your social media links in your back end you can see social media icons in front end.
social media front end freemium

Footer settings of Freemium Pro theme

From here you can do Footer setting of your website. You can change copyright text and contact details.
fotter settings freemium pro

Once you setup footer settings you can look at it in front end.
footer settings freemium pro front

Home Page slider settings

From home page setting you can do slider settings.

Follow step 1 to 3 for editing slider.
slider setting freemium pro

Once you do slider settings from backend you can look at slider image with links, title and description in frontend.
sider image freemium pro

Home page section settings

After setting up slider in Home page you can list your product, service etc… with icon, title and description.
section settings freemium

After setting up section it will appear in frontend in home page.
section settings

Home page Recent post settings

From here you can do recent post settings. Once you will select any category it will display image of featured post from that selected category. Ex. If you have category called service and having featured post ” About web design” then image of “Abut web design” post will appear on front end.
recent post setting

After selecting category from back end you can see images in front.
recent post front end

Area below responsive

After recent post settings you can set image and description of your product or service. Or you can put image and description of whatever you like according to your requirements. Below that you can give ratings to your skill or any other data you want to show. You can give ratings in percentage.

area below responsive

After setting up image, description and ratings it will appear in frontend.

area below respnsive front end