Managed IT Services in Perth, A Case Study

Commandacom - Managed IT Services in Perth

Commandacom is a tech company providing managed IT services in Perth, Australia. Commandacom approached our parent company Ommune for redesigning, digital marketing, and social media management for their online business a few years ago. This story starts from there. It’s interesting!

Our team suggested they go for a WordPress-based website as Commandacom wanted to manage their news, blogs, etc. updates to be done on regular basis. WordPress was a no-brainer choice as it’s been the most prominent, easy-to-use, content management system widely used across the globe. We’d chosen a professional WordPress theme that was simple, elegant, and super optimized for user experience.  We then customized that WordPress theme as per their business requirements and installed all the necessary plugins alongside it.

We ensure that their website is fully optimized as per Google speed test and is on-page SEO ready. Speed optimization is what Ommune focuses on the most because most of our clients’ websites start ranking without doing many off-page activities if their website is speed optimized and articles are properly on-page SEOed. Google gives the topmost priority to the technical stuff behind your website. So if you haven’t checked your website’s speed optimization and on-page SEO, then you must check it first.

Once the Commandacom website was ready, we asked them to add a few articles to it and our team at Ommune optimized those tech articles for better ranking in Google search engine results.

Commandacom saw an increase in qualified leads after launching their WordPress site and very soon started attracting a larger audience for their managed IT services catered specially for businesses in Perth. This happened because they started ranking very soon for the articles posted on their website,

Commandacom is offering one of the most in-demand managed IT services in Perth. It is something Commandacom specializes in. To showcase their skills, portfolio, etc. We suggested they continuously add updates on their website so that potential clients can check and approach them. There were a lot of areas in the digital marketing front where we assisted Commandacom to work on so that the IT services they provide in Perth can be visible to their potential customers.

Now Commandacom is happy with the success our team has brought to their many Perth-based business partners and the diversity of the clients they serve. They have been servicing local shops, hospitals, schools and clients from various types of niches. A few prominent businesses which are powered by Commandacom’s Managed IT services in Perth are Cranetech, Monty Products, Centigrade, Dus, Ecopoolfinish, Unisealcoatings, and at least a few dozen more.

Managed IT Services PerthAfter the success of Commandacom, they started coming close to our management at Ommune and became friends as it was never a typical business relationship.  Very soon they agreed to promote Ommune in their close friends’ circle and premium clients. Since then there have been dozens of clients that Ommune served in Perth because of Commandacom and its team.

Ommune recommends Commandacom for all the managed IT services in Perth, they provide. Just to remind you, they provide a full range of managed IT services and infrastructure as an in-house IT services provider. Search no further than Commandacom for a trustworthy associate in all your business’s IT management requirements. They want to help you and can help you in all possible ways.

Commandacom has helped a wide variety of Perth-based businesses, all of which have been impressed by their reasonable rates and speedy responses to customer service requests.

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a new-age entrepreneur, doesn’t matter. If you’re looking for a helping hand to grow your business in Perth, Australia, and want to meet someone who can guide you then you can simply approach Commandacom. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

They are now our partners, and apart from providing Managed IT services in Perth, they also provide Website development, mobile apps development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, etc. services in Perth, Australia.

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