WordPress Is The “Most Attacked” CMS as per Imperva Report

WordPress is the most vulnerable CMS in order to cyber attacks, in line with a report by means of Imperva, a information security firm.

The Imperva Web Application Attack Report (WAAR) – an annual report now published to the fifth time : was recently unveiled via the Imperva weblog. Amongst a long list of findings, it similar that websites running on WordPress are generally attacked 24% more than those running on other content management systems combined together

Here’s a closer glance at the report.

WordPress In Hacker Crosshairs


Inside section 2. 2. 2 of the particular Imperva report, WordPress was identified as having suffered 60% much more Cross Site Scripting incidents than all the CMS-running websites put together.

Other key findings include a rise of 10% in SQL Injection assaults, while retail sites were targeted by simply 48. 1% coming from all attack campaigns.

By far the most alarming find although, that WordPress is attacked 24% a lot more than all other CMS put together, comes in the proper execution of a graph inside report. The graph pits WordPress against, “the other popular CMS systems”.

Particularly however, the other popular CMS are not named.

Why WordPress particularly though? Imperva weigh in using this insight:

“When an application or a platform becomes popular, hackers realize that the ROI from hacking into these platforms or applications will be fruitful, so they spend more time researching and exploiting these applications, either to steal data from them, or to use the hacked systems as zombies in a botnet.”

A question I know have about the actual report, is whether the sheer number of live WordPress websites in comparison with any other CMS had any impact on the findings. Is WordPress hacked often simply because the item exists more abundantly, or because it is the most vulnerable CMS out there?

I’d be inclined for the former conclusion.

To read the blog announcement in this report, click this link. Otherwise, you can download the report on your own.

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